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Week two done. Blood work not ideal.

Bloods taken on day 14 of my cycle so ovulation - which i now understand that isn’t the most ideal time due to the body being so unstable. 

After assessing and removing any external vitamin B yet this being another YEAR of my vit B levels being almost double its recommended amount. I decided to ask for a very reliable friends help. She explained that it more than likely means i am actually deficient but its high in my blood stream due to not absorbing vit B which means potential gut or TPO issues. With LDL being higher this also correlates with this. Furthermore, my LH hormones are ‘below range’ and most of my other female hormones are very low range. Because of this I will be retesting at day 21 and ensuring this is taken into consideration. 

After speaking to multiple people regarding this i now realise how few people understand a standard blood panel and regardless of being a natural or assisted athlete, its extremely important to be able to read your own results! Because of this, it has encouraged me to invite Madeline Bishop (RAW Women Coaching) onto Power Up this sunday to go through this for the community!

Regardless of this - this week has been successful but not much to report! Push and density training sessions were incredible and I feel visuals have had a significant change even though there has been no change to the plan since the last blog update. 

Checkin feedback is due tuesday morning so i will be able to update you with any changes in next weeks blog!

Last push peak weight: 77.3kg 

Lowest weight this week: 75.25kg

Weight today: 76.0kg

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