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WEEK ONE IN THE BAG... we wanted more.


Week one of the cut is in the bag and i think you always know when you're ready to diet or not because that first week will either be hard or exciting. You will most definitely be hungry (if you pushed food in the offseason) because your body will be adjusting but that hunger will either make you miserable or it will make you want to go HARDER.

I had to apologise numerous times in client calls this week for my rumbling stomach ahaha and with being xkg down i was so excited to check in this week. I did a full day of eating on the broadcast channel for both training day and non-training day and I will write here the changes that were implemented for week 1:

Steps upped to 13k/day (were 10k TD/12K NTD)

cardio 20mins/NTD (was 2 x 20mins/week)

offplan meal removed

TD food removed:

  • 25g rice

  • 10g dark choc

  • 2 rice cakes

  • 25g COR

NTD food removed:

  • 150g sourdough

  • 70g rice

  • 50g potato

  • salmon swapped for chicken

  • 20g dark choc

  • 10g almond butter

No changes to the plan from today but a bigger shift was expected so daily weight will be sent over thursday and then changes will be made if not a bigger shift!

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