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W3 ~ 3kg down. You could say its getting pretty serious...


Changes to plan this past week:

Steps up to 15k/day

Cardio 20mins all days but leg days

Food removed:


50g rice


100g sourdough

50g low fat sauce

25g cor

Starting weight:77.25kg

Weight last monday:76kg

Weight today: 74.55kg


JULY calendar is OUT.

THREE tickets left for the JULY WORKSHOP!

THE BIGGEST merch drop to date with the arrival of ONE MORE product in the next 3 weeks...

And the PERFECT FINISH with an insane day of in-person sessions at ultraflex derby yesterday!!

Todays blog topic i wanted to touch on a comment that ive received in order to share a perspective and insight into this current phase:

“You lose weight so quickly” ive received MULTIPLE TIMES this week… and honestly it just makes me smile because that is really not the case, i actually put ON weight very quickly and have a very very big appetite. I don’t think people realise just how aggressive we are pushing. How much effort I put into my cardio, my training and even my steps… so expenditure is very high for week three of a minicut. What people also dont consider is I was hungry from pretty much day one of this cut; not moaning in the slightest, hunger isnt ‘hard’ is it, its a mind game, you just have to distract yourself enough and focus on the task at hand BUT my stomach has been outwardly RUMBLING HARD. So before anyone says that people lose weight easily etc please look at the plan itself, the approach and understand it is ALL RELATIVE. This approach is alot more aggressive than most would choose but i am 12 years into this life, I am 5 years into competing, we know that mentally i am strong enough to be able to do this and also physically able. Energy has most definitely dropped, so i am prioritising my work and training over everything and i am fortunate my life allows that and this has meant my ‘service’, the work i am doing has not been affected in the slightest AND my strength has not declined.Why are we taking this approach? GET THE JOB DONE. Get back to growing as soon as possible! 

Three weeks down ALMOST 3kg down… 7 more weeks and 7 more kilo to go.

Will it get easier? Nope. But I am firmly locked in. This will test my mental strength and I am ready for it.


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Okay okay - legs are looking different to me.... I'M EXCITED FOR YOU!!!

The point about it all being relative is so important. I think it is interesting to read and hear what others do, but not for comparisons reasons, just because it is interesting.

Each of us has our own obstacles/challenges - that's why we have our coaches to set the plan for us that works for US.

A great read and I cannot wait to see how this phase pans out for you. x

Me gusta
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