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TRAINING IN A DEFICIT - and changes to the plan.

8th July

Starting weight:77.25kg

Weight last monday:74.3kg

Lowest weight this week: 73.1kg


CHANGES MADE from 8th:

Steps up to 16k


-150g potatoes

5% Mince swapped for prawns


50g rice swapped for 100g potatoes

5% Mince swapped for prawns

-10g COR

Even though there has been substantial shift in bodyweight this week my training performance has been amazing, I have been so happy with it, improving my bracing, my leg press, hacks and SLDLs have felt ON THE MONEY but I have been going into these sessions tired dont get me wrong. Food is low, expenditure is pretty high, but the best piece of advice for days like this - Take every set infront of you asif its the ONLY set you’re going to do. 

Don’t think about the rest of the session, just focus on that SINGULAR set.

Now if you do drop reps, have to lower the load, that is OKAY as long as the INTENSITY you are putting BEHIND those movements (not fake intensity… actual intensity) is there because what grows the muscle, keeps the muscle so do not let it slip.

The fatigue is most definitely building up though as pumps feel like a distant memory ahah, that being said i have been USING AND ABUSING HR labs new product BLOW UP (insight supps HAN10 hehe) in their coloured sweeties *skittles flavour and YES MATE the level of connection I am getting from that is immense. Because although having a pump is great for the ego, it is obviously a good indicator for multiple factors eg. glycogen stores and hydration, REMEMBER it isnt the DETERMINING factor for a good session… the WORK IS.

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