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1st JULY CHECKIN - abit later sorry fellassss!

Starting weight:77.25kg

Weight last monday:74.6kg

Weight 1st July when i should have written my blog: 74.3kg

On paper, I lost 0.3kg in a week so its the perfect time to talk about HOW TO DEAL WITH THIS WHEN IT HAPPENS… because you know what it will more than likely happen to you. 

Youve ticked every box, youve done everything on plan BUT your weight has held!!

It CAN BE, if you let it, a very frustrating and demoralising thing HOWEVER change your perspective, change your journey.

There are so many reasons as to why your weight may not change and for me this week, i was on my period, so hormonal fluctuations have MASSIVE implications here but even without those theres sleep, stress, salt, water, even HEAT. So what do we do when nothing changes? We continue to STICK TO THE PLAN. Whatever your coach has set, you dont go over on expenditure, you dont eat under, you stick to the plan and when THEY believe its time for changes then you do so. 

Aslong as you have done everything in your power you have zero reason to be annoyed, to be frustrated or feel like youve let anyone down because the work doesnt go missed, the work youve done WILL lead to a weight drop eventually you just need to be PATIENT.

So instead of the above, I compared my start point to now and I cracked the fuck on because NOTHING will happen if you dont continue to push!

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