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I am going to be controversial here...

How many times do we hear "Don't compare" or "Don't dwell on the past".

Today I have done some, lets call it reflecting and I think it has been an extremely positive experience. I was looking back at my October 2023 stage photos of which i placed 5th... I am not embarrassed to say that I placed 5th I am very proud!! And not that it need explanation but the reason for my placing was because I needed to be leaner but because of the change in category mid season, it meant alot had to change to the plan (including losing 5kg in 5 weeks between show 1 and 2).

I was actually comparing my photos to the show winners and to my current physique. I was comparing to show winners purely to see what MADE a winning physique. As you may have heard on last weeks PowerUp call, i am very passionate when it comes to the CLEAR differences between figure, physique and WBB and so now wanting to be competitive in a physique lineup I wanted to need to compare to be able to focus on what I need to make that jump. We have had a very structured past 7 months with focus on my hamstrings, glutes and top line and with the diet getting closer I am getting more curious to know whether we have yet done 'enough'.

Now this is also a term that can be misconstrued, I am a competitive bodybuilder, I have aesthetic goals and that means I need to be critical and to be able to take critique to the elements of my physique that need improving. This doesn't mean i am any less proud of what i have done so far, any less proud of what i have built and achieved, i am just also... excited and focused for more!

It's also important to note: that when i say 'done enough' i don't mean enough to LOOK like the winners or enough to LOOK like anyone else. I mean enough for ME to have made the changes we set out to do, to bring a complete physique and to continue this amazing journey.

Just a thursday reflection ramble and hopefully something that can get the cogs turning when it comes to taking criticism in this sport and in life in order to continually progress and become better!

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