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Hannah Mitchell - Head Coach

Competitive Journey Highlights:

  • 2019 PCA Muscletalk

  • Toned Figure First Place.

  • 2021 WNBF British Figure Title &

  • 'Best Presentation' Award.

  • 2023 2Bros Naturals First Place.

PCA Athletic Figure
PwH Athletes

My Experience

To me, posing is a true art form.

I have danced since I was 3, in many technicalities, and I grew up performing on stage and competing across the whole of the UK until I was 22. I combined my training with weightlifting in 2012 and started my competitive journey in 2019...

and then my world completely changed.

Realising I had the ability to combine my love for the stage, to perform, my passion for dance and a way to channel my creative outlet ALONGSIDE the gym?! I felt like I had found my missing piece.

From there on out I became so focused on learning as much as possible, attending as many shows as I could and finding MY style. 

This was realised pretty early on and I was helping most of my friends with their posing, this lead to helping people in the gym and organically grew, now FOUR YEARS LATER we are here. 


Posing with Hannah Ltd.


Working with >600 top level athletes over the years taking them from their first session through to PRO wins. 

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