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Zzzzzz - The focus for the MiniCut!

If you attended Power Up on Sunday, you will know that the topic was 'Improvements to Sleep.' If you missed the session, do not worry! It has already been uploaded onto spotify.

Hannah was firmly in the driving seat for this session, as sleep is something that I have found problematic for years! This is for a number of reasons; previous struggles with anxiety, years of disrupted sleep with my son and a whole range of bad habits which are not conducive to good sleep.

I know this is the missing piece of my puzzle; I am confident that I am making progress with my physique, training and posing, but when prep does begin, I know that my lack of sleep will be a major stumbling block.

So, following the session, I have already implemented the following;

One cup of coffee in the morning (down from up to 7 a day!!!).

Pre workout for morning sessions only (on a Tuesday I used to take it at 7pm).

In bed by 10pm daily. Earlier is better if possible, but 10pm is realistic and achievable.

No phone once in bed.

I have purchased some blue light blockers.

I have also purchase a sleep/sound mask.

I will introduce a warm shower before bed as a physical sign to my body that it is time for sleep.

I have decided to use the duration of my minicut for making these changes, because research shows that habits take on average 18-254 days to form; on average about 66 days. I am confident that if I am consistent for 5 weeks before my holiday that I will see significant improvements.

Talking of the minicut - not loads to report so far.

I am 1.7kg down.

I do not like the visuals currently - I'm not lean, but not full. It feels like no man's land.

But it's the process - I'll just keep doing the thing!

Are you working on developing better sleep routines? If so comment below - tell me anything that works for you and let's share our experiences and see if we can crack the land of nod together!!

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