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This took me alot...

I am not usually someone who cares what I look like too often... I used to blame prep when I dressed like a tramp buttttt then i was post show and couldn't use that excuse anymore.

I usually wear what I know is going to allow me to perform my best ie. leggings on RDL day etc, BUT I do LOVE a funky garm, a cute outfit, ESPECIALLY a bodysuit (bomshell sponsor me pls). That being said I do still struggle at times to wear things that I know will grab attention, even for someone who has worked on their confidence for so many years! And the other day I pushed myself by wearing an outfit I had had for way over a year and had maybe only worn once.

And the reaction....

My instagram was flooded with compliments, with girls asking where it was from, with people saying how much they loved it and wished they could wear something like that - little did they know how much it took ME to wear it. Now we aren't here to seek validation from others of course BUT the kind messages most definitely helped alot and the conversations that followed reminded me of the voice I have here... the platform I have. And today I want to use that by saying WEAR IT. WEAR THE SHORTS. WEAR THE CROP TOP. Wear whatever it is that you have been too apprehensive to wear because of how you may think you will be perceived by others.



Let me know if you relate or if this week you do the same!

Keep shining ~ Hannah x

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