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July is finally here! And what a month it is set to be!

So much planning and preparation has gone into all of the incredible things which will be happening this month.

I feel excited. That is my overriding emotion right now.

I am excited for Power Up on Sunday, as we invite Cassie and Yas to co host the session. Don't forget to join us, because the session is all about COMMUNITY and it would be incredible to have as many people from our community present to share this special episode with us.

It's also a chance for us to build more excitement for our first Community Social which will take place at Ultraflex, Rotherham. I cannot wait to meet so many of you; to have the opportunity to do all of the things that we love the most; train, pose and munch! I honestly feel so grateful for this community and the connections that we are making.

As many of you may know , my full time job is in education as a teacher of Psychology and Criminology. I only have 8 working days left until I break up for summer. SIX WHOLE WEEKS OFF! I cannot wait to train at a time that I chose to, and to have even more time to invest into planning for upcoming events!

On July 20th, I will be hosting my first full day of 1-2-1s. This in itself is very exciting, but it is extra special that I will be holding the day at Trained by Lucas Fitness Studio in Sandbach; my home town and the studio where I coach. Sessions are already booking up and I would LOVE to welcome more of you to join me for a session.

And then at the end of the month, on July 27th, we will be heading to Hi Bris in Solihull for our 'first male and female bodybuilding workshop'. Hannah and the team have worked hard to ensure that this is an incredible day and I cannot wait to be there to watch it all come together.

Fun fact - I was born in Solihull! I've noticed this a lot over the past 6 years or so; it's like lots of things have aligned and dots have connected. Things have gone full circle. I teach at the school where I trained, I lecture for Keele University on their PGCE programme; this is where I completed my own Post-Graduate studies. I decided NOT to do 1-1 coaching, but to instead continue to coach small groups. My dissertation was on the effects of peer support on improving sedentary lifestyles. And I have just completed a course in Narrative Counselling; which focuses on using the metaphor of sport to help children to overcome trauma, anxieties and other educational barriers. This combines my two loves of Psychology and sport and exercise. I feel like I am exactly where I am meant to be.

And once this incredible month draws to a close, on August 1st, I will enjoy a week abroad with my son, niece and brother.

We found a great hotel with lots of facilities for the kids, and a gym for me!

The mini cut has been interesting. Since my hernia, my output is MUCH lower. The initial 2kg loss was quite easy, but I have really plateaued last week. We have had a slight drop in calories, mostly by reducing my protein (which is always more than I need) to try to establish more hunger. I was a little down hearted with my progress but I had a chat with Hannah and Sarah and my coach and I remembered my goal; this isn't prep!! This is a little fat reduction and tidy up before I go away. I realised that I needed to redefine my concept of dieting, which previously had been to get absolutely peeled!

So as always, I am grateful to have the best people on my team and I'm excited for everything which lies ahead.

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