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  • Where do I even begin?!
    The best thing to do... is jump in with both feet (maybe take the heels off for that part though). Book in your first session either via video call or face to face and we will talk through the step by step process and break this one gigantic scary goal into much smaller parts and layers for you to be able to learn!
  • What if I have never done a lesson before?!
    Do not worry, we all start somewhere! Through our sessions we will be able to take it as slow or as fast as you need to go. You can ask as many questions and we can repeat as much as required! There is no 'right pace' for learning - but I promise you, we will work together to make sure you feel as confident as possible on that stage!
  • When is the best time to start posing?
    The answer is always now... even if you are unsure when or if you are going to step on stage there are so many benefits to learning to pose. You will improve your mobility and flexibility. You will improve your mind to muscle connection. Which will both in turn improve your training. It's also a great tool to be able to track your progress, to be able to flare your lats, for example, allows you to analyse your physique for places you may want to develop! also... it's great fun to flex.
  • What is best to wear for a session?
    The more I can see, the better, so a bikini/figure suit/posing trunks are preferable. HOWEVER, please wear whatever you are comfortable in! That is my initial priority, so we will work around that. If you prefer to wear shorts (and a sports bra for the ladies) that is fine, just please wear things that do not restrict and allow movement. Also bring some form of heel (if required for the category you are posing), they do not need to be stage heels but having a heel will adjust your pelvic alignment and it is great practise to start in them as soon as possible!
  • What do I need for a video call session?
    Ample space to be able to pose. Your phone at around stomach height whether that is on a table or a tripod, as long as I can see your full body and your feet! Good hard flooring is always best... carpet is wobbly so it is not ideal in heels for posing or for your safety. Good lighting, natural lighting is best but we are in England so I understand not always possible, but try not to have light coming in or on behind you on the camera as it makes you a shadow. Good internet connection please!!
  • What is a 'Check-in'?
    This is open to ALL level athletes. Beginners and seasoned athletes. Deep in prep or peak offseason. Once on board, you submit your posing video and from this you can expect a SAME DAY video response via LOOM. This allows me to talk you through your posing in detail and the improvements we can make in-between your physical sessions to make sure you are kept accountable, you practise and you don't slip into any bad habits! With the option to join: - WEEKLY - FORTNIGHTLY - MONTHLY For 1, 3 or 6 months! And you decide WHEN to begin! This is for individuals that really want to take their posing to another level by combining this service alongside their posing lessons.
  • Is it beneficial to do both in-person and video call sessions?
    In-person sessions are incredible to be physically moved into position, especially when a beginner. It also provides you with the space, lighting and flooring to be able to work on posing, walking and presentation if this isn't possible at home. That being said do not underestimate the power of a video call session. I have had International athletes work only via video call due to the distance and they have gone on to take PRO status and PRO wins in their first season. I will be able to break down each part of the pose in a way that you will be able to understand.
  • What is the address of your face to face studio location in Wolverhampton?
    Foundry Gym Wolverhampton. Cooper St, Wolverhampton WV2 2JL. There is on site and on street parking. If you would like to train please purchase a day pass either online or at reception!
  • How will I remember what we have covered in the lesson?
    There are so many different ways we learn and it's important that we stimulate all parts of the brain to do so. Not only do I break everything down for you into digestible chunks and ensure you understand at each part, there will be photos and videos taken throughout your sessions, both online and in-person, for you to be able to view and re-watch in your own time! Depending on how you do learn, I do sometimes suggest to also take written notes. And of course, if you have any questions we will always have time to answer those in the session or alternatively message me afterwards.
  • What categories do you teach?
    ALL OF THEM. I cover all male and female categories. Male: Mens Physique, Open Bodybuilding, Classic. Female: Bikini, Wellness, Figure, Physique and Bodybuilding. All federations. To name a few: IFBB/NPC, PCA, FitX, GBO, GPO, NFMUK, UKDFBA, WNBF, BNBF, NPA, SNBF, INBA, Pure Elite, UKUP.
  • Do I have to know the category I want to do?
    Nope! You may not know straight away and that is completely okay. If you are unsure about which category you want to do/where you fit, I will be able to talk you through the differences between them and provide my expertise on which I believe may be best for the 'right now' but also for your future within the sport. Furthermore, If you would like to learn multiple categories simply because you want to... then of course you can!
  • How far in advance do I need to be thinking of routine choreography?
    The initial thought of a routine can worry people however think of it as a string of your favourite shots pieced together fluidly taking you across the stage to music. Depending on your abilities will determine how far in advance it is best to have your routine ready. If you already know you are going to be doing a federation with a routine, just drop me a message and we can talk it through now. Then your mind will be at ease knowing that this segment is taken care of - we will have time to choose the music, choreograph, teach, amend and then add in the flare and performance you need to take it to the next level!
  • Can I come to events on my own?
    Hell Yes. I pride myself on making these events a safe space, here for inclusion and community. We always start by introducing ourselves and getting to know one another and you will leave feeling fired up. There is no feeling like meeting likeminded, passionate people on a similar journey to you, it's a friendship that lasts a lifetime. Everyone, all abilities and with all levels of experience are welcome. I usually organise the posing sessions into beginner and advanced in order to cater to everyone's needs too.
  • What is the cancellation policy?
    All in-person sessions and events are non-refundable. All video call sessions can be rescheduled if discussed before 72 hours notice. We have to have these in place so that others don't miss out on a slot!
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