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Working with >600 athletes all over the WORLD over the past few years in the UK, Australia, Poland, Switzerland, New Zealand, Cyprus, France, Dubai and so many more... through video calls and with MULTIPLE athletes even flying to attend in-person sessions and workshops.

This has been taking them from their first lat flare to the MOMENT they have stepped on stage, every single step of the way! The REAL win is for my athletes to feel INVINCIBLE on stage, to be fully PREPARED, to be CONFIDENT and to be able to ENJOY every moment they have worked so hard for - so they can truly SHINE.


This encompasses ALL federations, ALL categories, both MALE and FEMALE athletes! Including:

  • MULTIPLE PRO cards;

  • PRO wins;


  • FIRST place at the Natural Olympia

  • Best Posing awards 

  • And countless Overalls.

It's time for YOU to join the team.


Olive, UK

"Hannah has been nothing less than amazing throughout the time I’ve been working with her on my posing. Me and Hannah started working together about 15 months ago, having regular video sessions, and she has taken me through EVERYTHING I needed to know in regards to my posing. I started off having no clue what I was doing, she taught me how to hit the mandatory poses and when we had that nailed she took me through transitions and creating an I-walk. We trialled lots of different transitions as well as pose variations to see what suited my physique and what made me feel most confident. Hannah’s eye for detail in the little things is unmatched. She is so knowledgeable on how to showcase your physique in the best way possible. She is up to date on knowledge of what the federations are looking for in each category and she attends shows to keep up to date on this. I couldn’t ask for a better posing coach who makes me feel comfortable, supported and confident. You will not regret choosing to be posed by Hannah!!"

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