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Lauren Taylor

I believe posing is a way to express yourself and to creatively showcase how you have shown up for yourself every day. 


I began training in 2020 and fell in love with bodybuilding. I enjoyed the consistency and discipline and thrived on seeing myself making steady, but constant progress. 

I have a passion for teaching and have lectured Psychology for 14 years. Helping people to improve, as well as continually learning myself brings me joy. 


Deciding to compete and learning to pose was a personal journey to receive criticism and use it to propel myself further forward, to become my absolute best.


Hannah recognised my ability to teach and to inspire others through my positivity. I believe that my purpose is to assist people to strive to achieve their fullest potential in whatever they put their mind to.


Things are sent to challenge us, to see how willing we are to keep moving towards our goals in the face of adversity. My injury and surgery this year disrupted my competitive journey, but allowed me to focus more on posing coaching and to become the newest member of Team Posing with Hannah.

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